Friday, July 15, 2011

Burned Out

Dear Dick,

How you cope with feelings of that you don't belong? Like you're losing people close to you because you're so pathetic. Any help on how to get back on track?

-Depressed Deborah


Let me start off by saying that what you are feeling is a common thing. As cliché as it sounds everyone goes through rough times like this. Before you can start feeling better I think you need to know WHY you are feeling like this. 

It sounds to me like you are burned out. Burnout is a product of excessive stress, and has symptoms similar to depression.  Unlike depression though, it has nothing to do with chemical imbalances. Being burned out makes you feel lost, sad, like nothing is worth the effort, and can make you reflect poorly on yourself.
Just remember you are NOT pathetic. First off you sought help and advice, pathetic people just wallow in self pity. You are stronger then you give yourself credit for. You see the thing is, because of constant stress you start to feel like you aren’t meeting expectations. The truth is, you are making these expectations of yourself and applying them to your life. It’s how the brain sometimes organizes workloads. When you are stressed and things aren’t going as planned in your head, small things that may be a joke could sound incredibly offensive due to your fragile state. So no, people don’t hate you or anything, in all probability they have no idea they did anything wrong. 

My prescription for your problem is to take time off. Seriously, you need to take a day or two away from the people who are causing a bit of stress (significant others, close friends you see a lot). And do “you activities”, grab a friend and go for a long walk in the woods, go swimming, treat yourself out to a bite, sleep in, most off all recuperate. The more you offset your mind from your problems the better you will start to feel. After a day or two of STRESS FREE ACTIVITIES (don’t make me say it again) you should start to feel refreshed, and ready to tackle your problems head on. 

 Buddha was such a wise man because he knew how to be happy, 
a secret we must all find for ourselves.

Meditating is a practice of many people all over the world. While some say it is to gather wisdom, it is really a time of reflection. Looking inward can help you organize your thoughts so you can overcome stress and strife and lead a happier life, that is the enlightenment wise men speak of. Now I’m not saying you need to meditate or take up Taoism or anything. But stress can make things seem very insurmountable. It can make the most beautiful day dismal, and a lot of people don’t know how to cope. So finding your vice is something that can make all the difference. Things are usually brighter then they seem. You just have to look really hard sometimes. Just don’t give up.

-The Dick

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