Friday, June 3, 2011

Is He In Love With Me?

Dear Dick,

If you've been dating someone for a while (years), and they tell
you they love you but never say  "in love"; why is that.
          Sign- Worried Wendy

Dear Worried Wendy,

Let me start this off my stating that this is a perfect example of how me are different then women. To men, simply put, there is no difference between the two. When a guy says he loves you, it means just that, he is in love with you. Guys don’t go around telling people that they love them and have it mean “as a friend”. We only tell that to someone we are in love with them, or if it’s our moms. 

There is a huge difference between an “I love you brah” and an intimate “I love you”. Chances are, (we are assuming in this case that you two are in a relationship), if he says “I love you” and never elaborates its indicates a few things. One being, he is new to dealing with women on an intimate level and doesn’t know that women like to be assured in every which way that they are still loved, how, and why. Frankly its over whelming if you are new to relationships. And two, he doesn’t even know that there is a difference and never will unless you come right out and say “I know you love me. But are you IN love with me?”. I will put money on it that he will be shocked and confused at the question and his answer will be “..Yeah, I tell you all the time don’t I? Why what’s up?”. 

This shouldn’t trip you up. You are doing the girl thing and reading WAY too much into it. Now there is a time to be worried. If your guy is a stud, a romantic; someone who knows how to smooth talk, then he should know all about wordplay. If he says he loves you but never says he is IN love with you, it means he’s not ready to commit. And on the flip side if he has professed his being in love with you before, but all of a sudden has stopped, it means something changed. That is when you look into it. He probably got bored with you, fell out of love with you, is cheating, or the realization that the relationship is actually going somewhere just hit him and it scares that crap out of him.

The most common reason Wendy, is he is completely clueless. A relationship newb, and if it bothers you, talk to him about it. If he loves you he will appreciate the honesty, and start being more creative with his “I love you”s. You have nothing to worry about by the sounds of it.

Sign- The Dick

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