Monday, June 6, 2011

Seat Down Standards

Dear Dick,

Why do guys insist on leaving the toilet seat up? Don’t they know that women use the toilet too?!
                Sign-  Wetbottom Wilma


To be honest it’s because men simply don’t care. We plan to peeing again so for our convenience we leave it up. The whole point of lifting the seat is so we don’t splash on the seat, that makes it uncomfortable for everyone! If it bothers you that much why not talk to your guy about it. Try leaving a sign above the toilet. If all else fails, try looking before you sit down….

Let me ask you Wilma, why does it even matter? Why do women always leave the seat down? If men have to leave the seat down every time why can’t women put it up once in a while? And why do women think that the world should be set to convenient mode? This question showcases some of the ways that a woman can be vein and self centered.

Sign- The Dick

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  1. The whole point is that women need to sit when they relieve themselves, and sometimes we forget to check if the seat is down and fall in.

    I don't think that men have the problem of forgetting that the seat is down and accidentally peeing on it, because you are facing the seat when you go, and we are not.

    I work in a school, which has 80+ percent of the teaching and office staff comprised of women. I nearly fell in today when one of the few men in the school didn't take the two seconds to put it down.

    Plus, ask my five year old, it's really not that hard for guys to aim carefully enough to not need the seat up, without dribbling any on the seat. If my little boy can do it, others can too.

    1. Don't men have the same problem if they need to go #2? They do, and they almost fall in, or maybe they do fall in, and then they don't like that, so they gladly learn to take the most casual glance. They don't blame the last person to use it, even though they can confidently guess that person's gender.

      Leaving it down is also somewhat of a hassle. Notice men, not just women, cause this for other men. Then again, it's no problem if men would just always sit down - I think that's a fine solution.

      But short of that, men face toilet seat hassles due to both genders. Women can always point at men.

      If you crunch on the problem a bit you'll see that correcting the situation beforehand, and leaving it alone afterwards, is the option that reduces the total hassle. Even with mostly women, you're asking peeing men to always raise before & lower after so that women never have to do anything, including even glance (that's a lot of trust period as far as where you're putting your naked bottom).

      Anyways, this is reasonable. I always sat down when I lived with a woman because this was even more reasonable. Even in a house full of guys this really makes the most sense just about.

    2. Mandy, that's bullshit. You don't enter a stall backwards and back up like you're some car backing up to a parking spot. You walk up to the toilet just like men. And men also have to use toilets while sitting down every day, and we CHECK the toilet seat. If you just sit your ass down without even thinking of checking the toilet then there's something wrong with you. What if there's something on the seat? What if the whole toilet lid is down? If you just sit down without looking like you're backing up to the toilet backwards, then you'd sit down onto the toilet cover half the time, too. But you don't because you walk up to the toilet like every human being does, facing the toilet. I will not leave the seat down for women EVER based on their arguments. Leaving the whole lid down for sanitary reasons before flushing is one thing, but that argument is bullshit and I will never abide by it.

      Every single human being should be checking a toilet before sitting down. Everyone. If you don't that's on you. I'm not gonna hold your hand, I'm not gonna wipe your ass, and I'm not gonna cover for your childish foolishness.

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