Friday, June 3, 2011

Why Do Men Cheat?

Dear Dick,
 Why do men cheat?

    Sign- Betrayed Brittany

Dear Brittany,
Well this is difficult thing to explain, as there are many reasons why. I will touch on, what I feel to be, the two biggest reasons why men cheat compared to why women cheat. 

Fist let me explain that men cheat for attention and more sex, while women normally cheat to fill an emotional void. Other reasons for cheating (both genders) are revenge, boredom, the thrill, and being a sex addict. But those reasons are actually in the much lower percentile. 

In my personal opinion and experience dealing with people who have cheated, I would say that one of the biggest reasons for men is that sex becomes dull for whatever reason. The sex may not be adventurous enough, frequent enough, and even just start to feel like a “daily grind” type of thing. So instead of addressing problems in their relationship they cheat. They figure they can have a great solid relationship with lots of love and security in one hand, and have something purely for sex in the other. So in a sense it’s not even that he doesn’t love you anymore, he just feels like you aren’t pleasing him and he would rather cheat and have you believe everything is fine rather then tell you what is wrong.

Another big reason why men cheat is that they are selfish douche bags that don’t care about anyone but themselves. It’s very easy for a guy to get a girlfriend and use her for sex and status, while at the same time have girls on the side. This is because he is insecure and needs the attention from multiple people. He will have his girlfriend to give a constant stream of attention and sex but still crave more. The reason why he doesn’t just sleep with a lot of people and stay single is because he needs something to fall back on if he doesn’t score. Women do this too, but it is much less common. 

“They’ve evolved the desire to be with different women. That’s because it’s very simple for men to reproduce (one act of sex versus nine months of pregnancy for women), so to create as many offspring as possible they’re biologically programmed to mate with many women. The ‘payoff’ in reproductive currencies [kids] of a short-term mating strategy generally has been higher for men than women. So after thousands of generations, this has forged in the male brain a desire for sexual variety.”

 -according to David Buss, professor of psychology at the University of Texas
                                                                                             Source of quote

So Brittany, while some believe it is “biologically programmed” in our heads it doesn’t mean it is right. People have thousands of “biologically programmed” tendencies that we ignore in order for society to run smoothly. But no matter what men who cheat will always find a way to justify it. But when it comes down to it, men cheat because they are insecure, cowards, attention whore, or just a dick. There is no other way I can put it.

Sign- The Dick

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